Vote for RAZED

Daniel Prell setzt sich für die Halle in Augsburg ein:


Vote for RAZED
1. you can vote 3 times with one email
2. you will get an email that youll have to confirm (for every vote)
3. send this video to your friends to make them vote
4. spread the word (till the 15th nov 2011)

this is the direct link to the page you can vote on​sport/​86150/​razed-e-v-

if this direct link works u can use this description from
the 5th picture on.​2011/​11/​how-to.jpg

this link explains what to do when you received the confirmation email​2011/​11/​diba-final.jpg

if you need more information on how to vote you can:
check out our facebook event:​event.php?eid=166915670070112&view=wall&ref=notif¬if_t=event_wall

If you have any questions send me an email:

thanks for taking the time to vote
its highly appreciated.

sorry the video is slightly asynchronous – vimeo did that during the encoding…

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