Nicolas Schopfer Interview

Claudo Antonlli hat sich für uns mit Nicolas Schopfer aus der französischen Schweiz unterhalten. Ein netter Kerl, der gerne filmt, skatet und an Kendamameisterschaften teil nimmt.



claudio: yo  you’re exactly on time for my lunchtime, but the pasta is not yet ready. do you know about connected inline?

Nicolas Schopfer: a little…saw that bulle article, some random stuff and nikita contacted me on vimeo

claudio: its like a replacement for risemagazine and austrianinline but with news from all over central europe and the kaltik/bulle and geneva edit made the pieople wonder who’s behind them and so Nikita asked me to do an interview you ready?

Nicolas Schopfer:  sure go for it


claudio: for all our german-speaking people who do not know much about french/swiss french people: introduce yourself.

Nicolas Schopfer: hallo, ich heisse Nicolas Schopfer und (i’ll stop the german here) I’m 24 years old and I live in Geneva! Geneva a.k.a that place you think is in France but is actually still in Switzerland.

claudio: we all see you skating at all the contests, doing sick stuff for xsjado and traveling to the x-games and everywhere. So we won´t talk about that stuff. I would rather hear some informations about Shoyu productions and about the connection of rollerblading, kendama and filming/editing.

First Question: what is Shoyu, who is it and why is it?

Nicolas Schopfer: So…two years ago, my girlfriend and I got the most awesome and cutest cat in the world…and we named her Shoyu. <3 at about that time I got a bit more into filming and editing, coming from a photography background I thought it could be a new challenge. After I got a bit more experience in editing, I thought I’d hide my work behind a production name, here is the birth of Shoyu Prod.

claudio: so it’s just you doing the filming and editing?

Nicolas Schopfer: yes. sometimes I edit off the clips someone has given me… per example the DJ DAS promo

claudio: btw. That Kaltik/bulle Edit was really amazing.

Nicolas Schopfer: thanks man glad you liked it !


claudio: i was stoked at silhans grind to wallride at the far end of the park

Nicolas Schopfer: yeah that was amazing, I was lucky to be on skates so I always asked the rider before his run what cool tricks he’ll do…so I’d have the best spot to film the trick.

claudio: so as a fellow filmmaker i more and more find myself in the situationthat i barely skate anymore but filming instead. and it bugs me most of the time, except when the dudes go skating the big stuff. how do you handle that dilemma beeing trapped between the wish to skate and the wish to film?

Nicolas Schopfer: yeah that is annoying sometimes…but recently when I go out to film there is a few rollerblader I can trust to do a good job filming, they also know I’m a perfectionist and that I like to have things filmed the way I want it to be. So I show them and it’s done… and I also love filming with Reto and Stephan, so it’s never a problem for me to sacrifice skating some spots if i know I’ll get a sick clip of one of them

claudio: thats cool what is your current camera setup?

Nicolas Schopfer: I mostly film with a Canon 60D with a couple of lenses.


claudio: you ride the DSLR train do you get annoyed with the technical limitations like jello, rolling shutter and moire, the lack of a waveform monitor and good sound?

Nicolas Schopfer: Yes sometimes. the moire are easily corrected…jello/rolling shutter I haven’t had many problems with…except when I want to freeze a frame when a flash was taken…and that half of the body has the flash light and the other part doesn’t. Sound I don’t really care right now, with what I am doing…you noticed my edits have very little background sound, or you can barely hear it…

claudio: do you use any helping rigs to handle the camera body?

Nicolas Schopfer: I use a tripod, and a friend built me a Dolly Rail that I’ve used quite a lot in my Undercover edit and I recently got a Flycam for steadier shots with a wide angle.


claudio: what do you think about the rollerblading film “industry” wait, let me rephrase the question. do you own VHS skate videos?

Nicolas Schopfer: yes I do…but something went terribly wrong at some point. and I now have less than 1/4 of all the tapes I had.

claudio: same here, lend it to friends and never got them back :(

Nicolas Schopfer: yeah so they are still somewhere…me and a friend brought all our videos to a friends house and he moved away and lost them. :( Last dvds I bought was Vine ST, Sideshow Rodeo and Traitement. I really want to get Regardless and Honey Baked though! I like the fact that small productions comes out of nowhere and blow your mind. Like Traitement and Vine ST. definitely some of the nicest videos this year


claudio: Traitement was awesome and i’m soo pumped for regardless. i really want to see it in a cinema.  do you think the DVD´s will loose against online edits? and we´re not even talking about pirating, i mean free online edits.

Nicolas Schopfer: hmmm it’s a tough questions, but I think there is a big chance… when you see that a small edit can hit 25K within a few weeks… I don’t think that many people buys dvd’s…


claudio: and you get instant critics, at least on rollernews but i’m gonna miss all the bonus stuff or the hidden sections on vhs

Nicolas Schopfer: haha yeah. true…me too. Hoax 3 leg …ouch

claudio: lets talk about the future for the end. are we gonna see an awesome lausanne e4dit from you?

Nicolas Schopfer: Yeah I will be there in Lausanne…and I will film and make an awesome edit! Haha


claudio: what do you want to make out of shoyu

Nicolas Schopfer: I don’t really have a goal with Shoyu Prod. I’m not gonna limit myself to Rollerblading stuff…It’s actually my last concern. I started off with Kendama video and I want to keep doing this because of the Japanese name that could be used nicely in Japan. I’ve done a video promo for Kendama Europe which will be displayed in every store across Germany in shops selling kendama’s

claudio: thats awesome! any last words and stuff for our readers?

Nicolas Schopfer: thanks for taking interest in my Feline Video Production, hope it’s cleared now that it’s only my cat making all the edits… I just coach her to make sure she doesn’t use to many cat clips. you know cats. and yeah, whatever keep rolling, have fun…skate flat. Hi Love! Hi Mom! Voilà !

claudio: thank you for taking the time and answer the questions.

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