“H.I.T.P” by Sophie

Am Wochenende fand der Contest “Hight in the Park” in der französischen Schweiz statt. Sophie Planque war für Connected-Inline.com vor Ort und hat uns jetzt einen Bericht zukommen lassen. Wir freuen uns über die Deutsch-Französische Zusammenarbeit und weitere Gastberichte.

This is gonna be very difficult to tell you everything i saw this weekend! It began with a fucking nice weather, big tricks, good vibes, big party, and big hangover too!

The competition had to stop on sunday because of the fucking rain. So there were no final. But the thing is, we had a great time on saturday.

Already at 10am, everybody was on the skatepark, skating hard, chilling under the sunshine. The jump compétition was great! Maxime Genoud did some nice flatspine, fucking stylish 540, Stephan De Freitas created a new jump which is called « samba » …!!!

A canadian, who came here only with his bag and a map, tried a fucking nice 1080 on the spine, but failed. Mathias Silhan skated all the skatepark with style, as usual, and that’s why there is no doubt that he had to be first! Adrien Anne, Romain Godenaire skated well too! Actually, everybody skated so good!! I really can’t tell you all the tricks, you had to be there guys!!

The association, Stones Family, which organized the event can be proud, they did it well so good! A great meeting, a great organization… But the fact is, there are still some motherfuckers who fucked it up… Burning a shopping cart in the camping, where people were sleeping… Burning a gas cylinder which, of course, exploded…!!! Really guys… i wasn’t able to understand and believe this!

So, we all hope the association will have the motivation to organize a new event the next year, and the city of Bulle won’t mind! Crossing fingers!
Pro, WRS 3 stars.

1    Mathias Silhan  (fr)
2    Adrien Anne (fr)
3    Romain Godenaire (fr)
4    Neveu Jacques (ch)
5    Dom West London (gb)
6    Diégo Guilloud (ch)
7    Erwin Wieringh (nl)
8    Reto Burgin (ch)
9    Marc Dubied (ch)
10    Maxime Genoud (ch)
11    Richie Eisler (ca)
12    Nicolas Auroux Narbonne (fr)
13    Hamad Jamal (Koweit)
14    De Freitas Stephane (ch)
15    Beat Schillmeier (ch)
16    Kenny Tico (ca)


AMATEUR + 16 ans

1    Charly Ruckly (fr)
2    Grammagnac Jean-Baptiste (fr)
3    Bjorn Elias (be)
4    Lemoine Julien (fr)
5    Luca Painelli (ch)
6    Molinari Daniel (fr)
7    Michael Pfeiler (ch)
8    Ramon Wust (ch)
9    Rof Faikan (nl)
10   Antony Cazalis (fr)
11    Adrian Deck (ch)
12    Anthony Chrismann (ch)
13    Mael Huguelet (ch)
14    Laurent Muller (fr)
15    Zena Walker (ch)
16    Fabien Elettro (fr)
17    Hadrien Bastoul (fr)
18    Jan Narbuch (ch)
19    Fielmann Jan (ch)
20    Benjamin Wirli (ch)
21    Anthonin Roux (fr) + best bad trick, best bad move, best bad drunker, best of all.
22    Claudio De Lima Nidau

Text: Sophie Planque
Bilder: Sophie Planque


4 thoughts on ““H.I.T.P” by Sophie

  1. Cooler Artikel. Super, dass Sophie auch fürs Rise schreibt, bringt nen internationalen Flair. Weiter so.

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